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‘Greetings from the city of Belgium’ is a collection consisting of 5 colourful rugs designed by kiiv for Ora Pro Nobis. This is a collection of hand tufted wool & bamboo rugs.


Klaartje was inspired for this collection by the fact that the collection is designed and produced in Belgium. In this way, Belgium became her source of inspiration. Do not expect waffles, beer or French fries but a collection with a subtle hint to Belgium.


Halfway between rug and piece of art, it is conceived both to be placed on the floor and to be displayed on the wall.


designed by Klaartje Busselot for design studio kiiv
Handmade rectangular wool & bamboo rug‎
made with proud by Ora Pro Nobis in Belgium
Free delivery in Belgium & the Netherlands
Worldwide delivery possible – please contact for futher details: info@kiiv.be
custom size available – please contact for further details: info@kiiv.be